Ancient indoor game :- One of the traditional indoor games of India that comes with the strategy and a flavour

  • PAGADI - Why Planning, fun and entertainment, group strategy How Pachisi or Pagade has a history from the Mahabharat, where Shakuni, a part of the Kaurava team is the star player who defeats the Pandavas, their cousin enemies. There is a clear mention of this game that dates back to five thousand years. It is said that Shakuni had the power of rolling the dice according to his wish or the count that is required.
  • Chauka Bara What A big strategic Indian traditional indoor game that can be played in two different versions. A board that you can enjoy playing with can be bought here. five squares called a house Seven squares Each game of the five squares two players may take up to one hour. While the seven houses game of four players can go up to a day, depending on the experience of the players. This is the second most famous game played in the indoors of India after Pagade or Pachisi. Why Planning, fun and entertainment, group strategy.
  • Paddy torana or Laxhmi toran is the toran for front door of house and shops or pooja room. Considered as auspicious to welcome godess Lakshmi and Annapurna. ?500/- + shipping extra
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Anything that started in ancient India has been worth a discussion.
Be it Art forms like music, dance, games, etc. or health-related programs like yoga, pranayama. We have great branches of diversity in everything that we do. Thanks to our elders who were liberal enough to have respected others’ opinions.

In addition to that, old indoor games in India have been an important part of our lives.
Be it Outdoors or Indoors.

Needless to say, the combination of Brain and Brawn have played together in this land, building unity and peace. Each of these old indoor games has a different name given in different places, and have evolved, played in different ways.

Let us discover the fun in collaboration with learning from the following Indian indoor games list below.
These games are all a part of indoor games list with images.

Each game to buy is priced at reasonable. Starts with as low as INR 500/- to INR 2,000/- + shipping extra
Wooden:- Chowkabara, Snake and ladder, chess, Ludo, pagadi, and many more.
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