Our vision is to work with local individuals who are skilled in their craft to promote sustainable clothing and tell their unique stories.

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Meet Suja

Founder. Creator.

Pala Designs is more than just a business, it is Suja's passion. Her background is in the hospitality industry. She has collaborated with multiple artisans, craftsmen, designers, embroiders and individuals across a wide range of projects throughout her career in luxury hotels, with enthusiasm for bringing a feel of luxury and appreciation for preserving the local culture into all that she creates. Every detail of each piece she creates is meticulously designed.

Her fascination with handcraft began at an early age. Growing up, she was enthralled with the soft feel and texture of the organic cotton dresses; the gorgeous colours, and took inspiration from beautiful hand embroidery, that made them stand out from the crowd.

Her larger than life vision is to work with those local individuals who are skilled in their craft to promote sustainable clothing and tell their unique stories. These stories often tell what goes on behind the scenes to create each exclusive piece and many of the struggles such artisans overcome in their everyday lives.

For a more personal shopping experience, please WhatsApp me directly for any queries you may have.

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