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This man's talent & work speak volumes. He creates music with complexity most contemporary producers shy away from. "Vocal and instrumental stabs punctuate organic and evolving passages guided always by driving percussion and immaculate low-end production. His productions are full and intricate with a wealth of sounds building warm atmospheres that are unusual within dance music." We are beyond stoked to welcome, the one & only Dauwd to Blue FROG Bangalore, as part of his debut India tour. We're excited to partner with our amigos at Regenerate for this special gig. Turn up, #Bangalore!

Step into Dauwd's world here:

Ninja Tune | Kompakt Records | Ghostly International

S/O: Dean Bing designs, Clubbers, BookMyShow, INSIDER

Supporting him, are our homies & levitate artists:

Rishon Bondal

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Rishon is part of a new breed of Indian dance music DJ/Producers. A distinct personality and a flair for reckless abandon are what represent him and his music. To describe Rishon's productions and style, one word comes to mind: groovy. His works often fall into the realms of House music, Futuristic Disco and Electronica while at the same time remaining solid, timeless.

His sets are groovy, soulful and sexy.

Weird Sounding Dude

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Fusion of an adjective suggesting something supernatural; unearthly, generally refers to a mechanism of probing the environment by sending out some kind of stimulus.

Weird Sounding Dude is the alter-ego of Abhijith Hegde. DJ turned Producer who runs his base from Bangalore, India. His spectrum aligns on the emotions of the listeners and these frequencies ensures that the listeners are driven through a time lapsed musical journey.

His discography is growing day by day with tracks and remixes signed to Traum Schallplatten, Juicebox Music, Bullfinch just to name a few. His productions has been receiving support by the likes of Dominik Eulberg, Hernan Cattaneo, Cid Inc, just to name a few. Furtherance with Weird Sounding Dude, is his weekly podcast which goes online every Tuesday. Known for his consistent mixes that have been gaining appreciation on a regular basis.

Ashwin + BLWR

( )

( )

An audio visual duo that continually challenges the observer with a play with associations. They allow the observer's mind to fill in the visual blanks with their own imagination. Graphic image buildup and obscure color treatment are set to leave the observer immersed in a musical realm further from the one we're used to.

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