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We are the oldest and most trusted group on the internet, related to Automatic writing & Channeling. This group has been assisting people from Delhi and neighboring area's to try and connect with their departed loved one's over a number of year's in order to help them tide over their grief of losing someone dear to them.

Please note this is not a one day event. We are open all 365 day's a year, for any assistance you can call on 08767542324 / 09320381363

Automatic writing has been the preferred mode of spirit communication in India, it actually originated from Mumbai and over a number of year's spread across India.

This meetup is for those of you, who believe that death is not the end, but a beginning and there is still a way one can communicate with their departed loved one's for closure and guidance. Our contact number 08767542324 / 09320381363. Our email id

Importantly, automatic writing may not only bring closure to the relatives of the departed loved one's but also a closure to the individual who has passed away. It is believed that the departed do tend to connect with us in subtle way's, they can provide us various signs, but we are unable to understand that communication, as being human we tend to look for substantive proof for everything. By connecting with your departed you do not disturb them, instead you may help them move forward in their stage of evolution. Imagine a state where you can relate to the messages that may come through, in such session's, a feeling that your loved one's are always around you protecting and guiding you in your life time.

Parsee (Zoroastrian's) from Mumbai, the group organizer being one of them, are known for such sessions in India and across the world for their knowledge in this field of work due to their honesty and Mrs Khorshed Bhavnagri, being one of them, who wrote the famous book Laws of the spirit world.

When you call on the numbers provided in the " How to find us section" of this page, you are informed about what you can, as well as cannot expect out of such session's and a brief about the concept of automatic writing.

It is our endeavor to bring like minded people on one platform. This group is for those who believe and have faith that there is a hope and a way of communicating with their departed loved one's. For a session of automatic writing / channeling you can call us on the number's 08767542324 / 09320381363 , our email id is we are open all seven days a week.

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