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Old Speakers Made in Germany 824

Posted : 08 Apr 2017 | Number of views : 8578 |

Good old Speakers hude ones, will try to post the pics when i get if anyone wants to take care of it....

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Vintage looking Airline Bag 808

Posted : 08 Apr 2017 | Number of views : 3175 |

I have a couple of these really neat airline bags. Vintage looking . NOT VINTAGE. Just look like it. I have two of these in Black. Very well kept - al...

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Rattan Basket and Wooden spoons 791

Posted : 08 Apr 2017 | Number of views : 1831 |

I received these as a gift from a friend who went on holiday.These really do not suit my home decoration and I have no use for them.They are brand new...

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Avid collector of all things Kitsch 701

Posted : 08 Apr 2017 | Number of views : 2004 |

I'm a great fan of Kitsch. If anybody is selling any little knick-knacks please let me know .With photos and prices please.thanksWhile my taste is...

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