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Are you looking to pick up decent spoken Hindi in India quickly? You may have come to the right place! We offer fun affordable spoken Hindi lessons to get beginners started on Hindi.

Here's what others are saying about us:
?I enjoyed the fact that we went at a good pace and mainly practiced speaking. The lessons were informative and applicable to daily life in India...?
?In the first place, I liked the first place the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly teacher :-) Then one got the feeling of being able to make a full sentence from the first lesson on!...?
?I like the astonishingly easy access to the language - certainly boosted by the warm and comfortable atmosphere during classes. Despite the few meetings we eventually had (3 to which I assisted) I felt every time that I could actually say something in Hindi - certainly not a philosophical exchange, but some basic information exchange seemed definitely possible...?

You can find more about us at http://www.hindicoach.in

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