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Delhi Capital Hash House Harriers - Capital Hash House Harriers

A “drinking club with a running problem,” Capital Hash House Harriers {CH3} is a community of people who like to run or walk together for about an hour on Saturday afternoons or evenings, depending on weather conditions, and follow it up with some music and booze.
Meet CH3

CH3 is a 30 to 80 people-strong club, consisting of mostly expats, that has its roots in an international running club formed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1938.

We welcome runners and drinkers of all shapes and sizes {of all ages and fitness levels, we mean}. Every Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, the “mismanagement” team puts up a route and a starting point, and anyone looking to join the run just needs to show up at the designated spot.

Not only does CH3 have generic walks, but we also organise themed runs like the Red Dress Hash, and even celebrate occasions that merit merry-making {Holi Hash}. And not to forget, the club has its own merch in the CH3 Boutique.
Mischief Managed

Anyone who wishes to be invited into the Facebook group and stay updated on the goings-on of CH3 must first participate in one run. The website also tells interesting stories, like one about a certain Nasik Hash Run {Nash Hash}.

So get to it, we’re waiting on you for more detail on your walk.

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