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Runners with a drinking problem or Drinkers with a Running problem. We never could decide which came first!

What’s it all about ?
Hashing, or Hash Running as some call it, is a unique blend of socializing and exercise. A Hash is rather like a paper-chase, generally held out of town in open countryside, where ‘Hares’ lay a paper trail (or more frequently, a trail marked by blobs of flour) and a bunch of runners or walkers (the Hounds) try to follow the trail. It’s NOT a race and it IS meant for everyone, young and old, fit and unfit to join in. After the run, everyone gathers to celebrate the run with a few beers, food and sometimes, a spot of singing. Hashers like to let their hair down and some might think them a bit boisterous (a warning for those of a sensitive nature !), but its generally harmless fun and a great way of getting rid of the frustrations of the week. Hashes are often referred to as ‘drinking clubs with a running problem’ but in fact you don’t have to drink (or even run) if you don’t want to, although a sense of humour is pretty useful

Have a go!

Hashing is alive an well in India with clubs in all the major cities and there is one Hash right here in Bangalore; the original Bangalore HHH runs every month on a Sunday afternoon, although there occasionally have been Sunday morning ‘brunch’ runs and outstation events during which there are a number of runs/walks over a weekend.

Everyone is welcome at a Hash and there are Hounds of all ages, from children of around 8 to folk in their 60’s and 70’s. All you have to do is turn up and be prepared to join in.

If you want to have a go then you need to contact the respective Hash (details are on their websites) for ‘Hash Directions’, which as the name suggests, are a set of instructions to guide you to the run site at the appointed time. Once there, everyone forms a circle and the Hares will brief the Hounds on the run. They will give an idea of the general format of the run, the length, whether there are special trails for Walkers and Runners, and any notable hazards or guidance. As a rule, there is a modest run fee (typically Rs 200) which covers costs of admin and overheads including drinking water. Wear whatever you would for jogging or a gym session, and a spare set of clothing and footwear in case you get muddy or it rains. A towel is useful, and so is bug spray. It’s a great way to exercise, have fun and see a bit more of India. Enjoy !

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