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I like to sew and was wondering what to do with small pieces of fabric left over and I found this NGO that is doing a great program using scraps of material and fabric that we can donate to them. The program is called Green by Goonj and it looks like a great way for us to clear our homes and with that bring a livelihood to many people.

I am sharing some photos , I think this is very nice creative work.

This is from their website:

The ‘GBG’ brand is built around reusing and up-cycling even the last shreds of material that Goonj receives. A range of over 100 different products like purses, fancy bags, file folder, mats etc. made out of torn jeans, obsolete audio tapes, one side used paper etc. shows the ingenuity, craftsmanship and design aesthetics of women involved in making these products. Buying a ‘Green by Goonj’ products ensures that our work in rural India continues unhindered irrespective of large/small funding support.

As a corporate, here’s how you can promote this brand:

You can set up a stall at your premises for the sale of products at your events.
You can also purchase products in bulk for corporate gifting, prize distribution purpose etc.
Whenever you organize conferences, you can order ‘Conference kit’ from us.

For the product catalog, refer to https://goonj.org/green-by-goonj/.

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