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Posting for Constance- please contact her directly:

Hello Fellow Expats of Mumbai!

Rita has been a godsend to our family and she will be available for hire late June. If we could take her with us to our next post we definitely would. For nearly two years now, Rita has been a fulltime all around helper with our children, the housekeeping, and cooking. Our children are four and six now and they absolutely adore her. Rita has never missed a day of work and she has never turned down a babysitting opportunity. Rita has strong initiative and is willing to take on any task or chore. She is extremely kind, 100% trustworthy, dependable, and hardworking. Rita does the grocery shopping, runs errands, takes our youngest to and from preschool, and keeps our house spotless. She mainly cooks Indian foods but can cook continental food with some instruction. She speaks English fluently, but limited ability to read/write. However, she is very resourceful and can have any grocery list translated for her. Rita is educated on proper cleaning of fruits and vegetables, and attended a CPR/first aid course (infant/children) at the U.S. Consulate in November of 2015. Rita has worked for other expat families including German and Dutch, and has letters of recommendation for review. Any family will be blessed to have Rita working for them. Rita is flexible with her working hours and duties. Please contact Constance for inquiries at cpaladino2b@hotmail.com or +91 750 668 3372.

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