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Jasper, a 2.5 year old gorgeous black Lab looks sad in his pictures, and why wouldn't he considering how many times he's changed hands! His supposedly affectionate and loving family gave him to some young women living together who had shown great eagerness to adopt a Lab, but it didn't take more than a couple of days for them to realize that having a pet at home is a huge responsibility, a liability, really their cup of tea! Within a week they sent him off to a boarding, and washed their hands of him! He finally came to us. He is a very sweet boy, great with all the other dogs in our care, never aggressive with any of them or with his human caregivers. On the contrary, he's as loving and friendly as can be. We now want a stable and loving home for him where he will be FAMILY, and not just a dog! Jasper is good with children and other dogs, and, by the way, he's a vegetarian!
To adopt Jasper, please write to -
with the following information -
- Contact number:
- Location:
- Age of applicant:
- Number of members in the family and their age:
- Kind of accommodation:
- Access to garden/lawn/park for walks and play:
- Previous experience with dogs and there breeds (indie is a breed):
- Present pets if any:
- Vegetarian or non-vegetarian
- Will there be someone at home all the time:
- Where she/he will sleep at night:

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