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Organization Description
Dimagi is an award-winning, socially-conscious technology company that helps organizations deliver quality health care to urban and rural communities in over 30 countries around the world. Our team of exceptional software developers, engineers, public health experts and field staff apply their experience in global health care delivery and technology development to further personal and public health and well-being.

Position Description
Dimagi is looking for a Field Manager to be based in Yangon for our expanding work in Myanmar. We are looking for adventurous individuals with an eagerness to work with frontline workforces to deploy technologies designed to improve health care delivery and other services in urban and rural communities.

As a Field Manager, you will travel to a number of a variety of project sites to help implement CommCare, our flagship mobile application for frontline workforces. Your work will include consulting with program leaders, conducting and leading trainings, designing mobile phone applications (but no tech background necessary!), conducting research, meeting partners and providing support for our technology deployments. You will join our global team of Field Managers and share lessons learned and expertise from around the world. You’ll also receive regular mentorship and support from our office in New Delhi.

Skills and Requirements

Our Field Manager program is designed for people seeking field experience.
• A proven interest in international development
• Experience living or working abroad, particularly in developing countries
• Excellent communication skills, and the ability to work with different partners and stakeholders, including training large groups of people
• Comfortable multi-tasking and improvising, as well as digging deep into assignments in challenging environments
• Planning and problem solving skills to successfully implement and follow through on projects autonomously
• Fluency in English
• Proficiency in Myanmar language is mandatory

Essentially, you must be an outstanding communicator and problem solver. Any experience in product management, project management, business development, research, or technology/software development are pluses. (Please note that even though you will be working with mobile phone applications, a background in computer programming is not necessary.) Strong people management skills are also considered a bonus, though not required.

Is this the right position for me?

Our Field Manager program is designed for adventurous, driven people that are seeking field experience. They’re former lawyers, public health experts, project managers, software engineers, consultants, researchers, and students. While we require a 12-month commitment for this position and often ask for a 24-month commitment, employment at Dimagi is open ended. This makes it a great position for someone seeking a gap year before graduate school or for someone who is looking to build a career in international development.

The profile of a candidate who will be happy in this position is someone who easily adapts to new environments, enjoys travel and field work, likes to tinker with things, and prefers independence and improvisation to super specific tasks. At Dimagi, you will have freedom to pursue your own interests and grow your skill set as well as strive to make a real impact around the world.
All first-year Field Managers receive a stipend that covers their living expenses for the year, including food, housing, travel, and leisure activities, encouraging a ‘frugal but comfortable’ lifestyle. Field Managers that stay past the first year will receive a significant salary increase, as well as have the option to take on increased responsibility in their long-term careers. Dimagi is very flexible in terms of growth and career progression, and is often able to accommodate people’s interests in defining their current and future roles.

To Apply
If interested, please send your CV and cover letter to dsi-jobs@dimagi.com. Please indicate “Myanmar FM Position” in the subject line of your e-mail. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

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