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A great collection of 16 vintage tin signs featuring Indian products of the past decades, some of which have even outlived their respective brands. They are vibrantly colored and include scripts in English, Hindi, Dravidian and Urdu. A valuable collector's item!

Condition: Overall good and sturdy, only slight wear and tear and a little rust and color loss due to time. Please check photos.

Material: Tin

Product names & Sizes (approx):

1.) Dabur Amla Kesh Tel (featuring Kasisma Kapoor): 10x7.5"

2.) Special Katar Bidi (featuring Dharmendra): 9.5x6.5"

3.) Fauhara Chaap Bidi: 9.5x6.5"

4.) English Metal Mills, Moradabad: 12x8"

5.) Laxmi Chaap Kesar, Praan sudha, Oriental Chemical Works, Indore: 8.25x12"

6.) Horseman Locks: 12x5"

7.) The Bharatha Beedi Works 30: 12.5x7.25"

8.) Shiv Shakti Special Bidi No.1: 12x3"

9.) National Bronchol Coucgh Syrup: 9x3"

10.) Madina Durbar Bathi: 9x3"

11.) Sherpa Chaap Tambaku: 9x3"

12.) 999 Bar Soap: 9x3"

13.) Koh-i-Noor Bidi Factory, Wrangal: 9x3"

14.) Netra Rakshak: 9x3"

15.) Light Rose Durbar Bathi: 9x3"

16.) D.V.M Kusumba Oil: 9x3"

Location: Gurgaon

Contact: Nikhil, 9899867869

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