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Hello All,
We are Spring Cleaning and I've decided to clear out extras that we are just not using at all.
Included are:
Fabulous Torque Treadmill - Has all the required bells and whistles. Loving son bought this for me, but I prefer a walk with the dog. As you can see - we still have the dust-guard plastic on the control panel...and it makes a great suit hanger!

Wonderful Tabletop ZeroB RO - Pristine (model and condition) - extra RO in the home. Fully paid service contract.uptil 2015. Already uninstalled. Can include wall-mounting brackets.

Samsung Fridge-Freezer. - RT34 (340ltr model). Clean White colour. Works very well. It's a fridge - it will work forever, really. Extra fridge in the fast-becoming-too-small home.

Glen Brand 5-Burner ( yes, 5!) gas stove. Platinum Cooktop: GL 1056 PLTR. Nice generous width for those large dutch pans. Steel body, so cleanup is super easy. 3 separate trivets.

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