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A DHABA is known to everyone but truly experienced by very few. We intend to change that today, it could be a restaurant on a highway. It could be open 24/7. It usually has food to keep the truckers satisfied. But for us a dhaba is 'Happy food for happy people'. Food that touches every sense and leaves your mind and belly happy!

Having travelled extensively to North India and tasted the craziest, richest and soul-satisfying food, there was always a lingering thought to bring that food down to Western India and make people taste 'goodness'... Goodness combined with a desire to serve you as if you are a guest at our home...
Finally the dream has come true...

From White Summer Hospitality, the founders of 11 East Street Cafe, Sheetal Arch and more, now comes TIM LUCK LUCK...
The happy dhaba for happy people.

Dine like never before, drink heartily but safely and sing out our name!
'Happiness' begins here!

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