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Long time ago, somewhere in Central Europe, there was a region called Bohemia, whose inhabitants were the original Gypsies. They traveled the world, sharing their art, entertaining people and made a living without having a permanent address. Today, Bohemia is split up into different nations mainly the Czech Republic.

A Bohemian is someone who lives for the day, a literary gypsy, possessing rich experiential wealth.

Today, Bohemianism is a way of life, a state of mind, an atmosphere. It’s about living richly and irreverently, beyond convention. It’s about being uninhibited, unbuttoned, creative and free. We at the Bohemian, Pune, would like to share a world view, an experience of savouring the food along with the spirit of being Bohemian, where we have included food as an art form. Cuisines from the Mediterranean region have been creatively infused together to give you a true Bohemian experience of indulging in the arts, poetry, music and culinary experience. Most of us are familiar with the spices as they are frequently used in Indian cuisine, but here they come with a twist!

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