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Also known as 'Barabazar' is one of the oldest and largest traditional markets and trade centres in the whole of northeast India, Iewduh is often compared to Chandni Chowk of Delhi. Iewduh was originally located in the capital of Hima Shillong-Nongkseh but was later shifted to the present site.

The hub of trade and commerce, where most of the shopkeepers are women, it comes under the direct management of the Syiem of Mylliem. Certain rituals are performed every year within the market area known as "Khlieh Iew" where huge monoliths are erected. The religious ceremony signifies invoking the blessings of 'U Blei Shyllong' - the Shillong God and also the market deity 'Ka Iew- Lei Hat-Lei Khyrdop', for trade and commerce to flourish and the upliftment of the economy of Ri Hynniewtrep land of the Khasi State of 'Hima Mylliem'.

Every eighth day is the main Market-Day and on this day, the goods from all over the Khasi region are brought to Iewduh for both retail as well as wholesale purpose. Most of the products on sale are agricultural whereas all sorts of yard goods, hardware and consumer goods, along with other essential merchandise are sold at Iewduh by the trading communities.

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