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Founded in 1922, the American Women's Club of Mumbai has for more than 80 years provided a welcoming atmosphere to expatriates living in Mumbai. The purpose of the American Women's Club of Mumbai is to provide social, cultural, educational and philanthropic activities for our members living in Mumbai.

Membership is open to all foreign passport holders.
If you are considering or planning a move to Mumbai or if you are interested in joining the AWC, please feel free to contact us at awc.mumbai@gmail.com.  

The American Women's Club of Mumbai is a member of the Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas (FAWCO).


AWC Annual Charity Mela
Thursday, November 3

What an amazing day we had at the Charity Mela!  The 25 NGOs who were present all expressed appreciation to have the opportunity to be part of this event.  The BKC Trident provided a beautiful venue and hosted the entire day with flawlesss execution.  A BIG thank-you goes to Gaitry Iyer, our AWC Charity Chairperson, for organizing such a successful day for us all.  And finally, THANK YOU to the entire Mumbai international community who turned out to support AWC and the charities!  

- Debra Dickens
  President AWC

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