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Learn how to 

Clear and balance the Chakras
Detox your mind 

Expand your Auras
Use Tibetan singing bowls & experience Sound Bath Immersion.
Help heal yourself, family ( Self Healing Protocols)

Improves Focus ,memory & relationships

Bring good Health Peace Prosperity 
Manifest Abundance through Proven Techniques.
& much more

Sound healing can help you to connect with the inner healing power.
We all have inner healing power 
When your body relaxes, the immune system is boosted & your body is more able to heal itself.
Have you ever wondered what is going on in your body when you attend a Sound Awakening Session? 
After the Sound Awakening Session people often experience:
- Greater mental clarity and problem-solving capacity
- A significant increase in joy and happiness
- High energy and motivation
- Drop-in interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts
- Deeper relaxation and non -interrupted sleep
Sound Therapy is a unique modality that uses Verbal Chants, Singing Bowls & Other Instruments to bring the shift within.                                                                                                       
The vibrations from these penetrate deep inside our physical body to release toxins blockages resulting in reduced pain, inflammation, irritation, anxiety, insecurity, etc                                               
Change Your Frequency...Change Your Vibrations ...Change Your Life.

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