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INCREDIBLE INDIA !  - Welcomes you to the MELTINGPOT

You are in the MeltingPot, a free site for expats of all nationalities, living in or moving to India, trading experiences and sharing advice. If you’re new to town, congratulations and welcome! If you’ve been here for a while – great , come share your experiences with us..   

  • American in Amritsar
  • Arab in Agra
  • Britisher in Bangalore
  • Chinese in Chennai
  • Russian in Raipur
  • Canadian in Chandigarh
  • Malaysian in Mysore
  • German in Gurgaon
  • Hungarian in Hyderabad
  • Dutch in Delhi
  • Moroccan in Mumbai


Quick Tasks

Quick Tasks

If you in a hurry and need to quickly place a Classified or make a Comment etc..., the Quick Tasks section comes in handy.

Quick tasks provides links to pages that allow you to quickly post a Classified or an Event, recommend a City Link, create a Business Listing or even make comment in the Tom Tom.

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